Thoughts on Juneteenth

“If you know whence you came, there is really no limit to where you can go.”
— James Baldwin

“There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made.”
— Michelle Obama

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Special Awards

Reading instructors Mr. Calvin and Miss Jessica presented special awards to the children who demonstrated the greatest growth, cooperation/perseverance and participation/attendance. Good going! #Reading #growth #cooperation #perseverance #participation #goodjob #chestereastside

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Virtual Out of School Time Update

Each child who participated in Virtual Out of School Time received a certificate for successfully completing the program “in the year of great upheaval and uncertainly.” Kudos to the kids and our wonderful coaches and staff! #kudos #endofyear #welldone #chestereastside

By timmreardon

Out of School Time Celebration

What a wonderful way to celebrate the end of the school year and our virtual Out of School Time program. Zoom is great, but spending time together (and enjoying hamburgers and hot dogs off the grill) is so much better! #endoftheyear #schoolyear #zoom #hamburgers #hotdogs #Congrats #chestereastside

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Flag Day Thoughts

“It is the flag just as much of the man who was naturalized yesterday as of the men whose people have been here many generations.”

  • Henry Cabot Lodge
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By timmreardon

Chester Eastside & St. Paul’s Covid-19 Vaccinations

Chester Eastside and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church served as Saturday’s pop-up site offering free COVID-19 vaccines for adults and children. Glad to see so many people took advantage of the opportunity. Thanks to Woodlyn Good Neighbor Pharmacy, Widener University School of Nursing, the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania and the City of Chester News and Information for partnering in the effort.
Check the chart for additional dates through the month and into July.

By timmreardon

Community Garden Yoga Trip

Members of Sanctuary Yoga at Trinity Church – Swarthmore
recently took a field trip to our community garden, where they received a tour from Barbara, our garden guru. Members of the group have contributed more than $500 to the project. Thanks! #yoga #trinitychurchswarthmore #communitygarden #gardentour #donations #Thanks #chestereastside

By timmreardon

Free Covid-19 Vaccinations at Chester Eastside / St. Paul’s in June

Chester Eastside and St. Paul’s Chester are among the pop-up sites offering free COVID-19 vaccines this month for adults and children. The first will be 11 a.m.-2 p.m., Saturday (June 12) in the church parking lot. No appointments are necessary.
Check the chart for more details. #stpaulschesterpa #GetVaccinated #popupclinic #seeyouthere #chestereastside

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Our Out of School Time Gardeners

The Out of School Time garden clubbers are keeping track of this year’s progress. In addition to the early veggies, they have now planted potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, squash, cucumbers and flowers for summer. #communitygarden #summerveggies #journals #stpaulschesterpa #chestereastside

By timmreardon