Christmas Day prayer

Lord Christ, infant Savior, Incarnate God, Emmanuel, today we rejoice in your coming to us, becoming fully human, rendering nothing and no one God-forsaken.

As we celebrate or work, spend time surrounded by loved ones or mark this day alone, we know, Loving God, you are with us. We give thanks that you refuse to leave us, you never abandon us, you dwell with us even when we struggle to recognize your presence.

We confess our propensity to be distracted, oblivious to the holy, enamored by that which does not truly satisfy, captivated by our wants and our will, rather than focused on you, your birth and the great reversal your arrival sets off in the universe.

Wherever we find ourselves this day, we plead for the wisdom to be alert, aware, awake to your inbreaking and the transformation it brings in us and in all creation.

We know that there are those still shrouded in deep darkness. Help us to reflect the light of Christ in the world, the light that cannot be extinguished, stopped or overcome.

As we worship at the manager, embolden us to go proclaim all we have seen and heard until everyone knows they are beloved by no less than the Most High God, the One who comes to save the world. Amen.

By timmreardon

A Charlie Brown Christmas!

It was a Charlie Brown Christmas with a great show, snacks and presents! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! #charliebrownchristmas #snacks #presents #merrychristmas #toallagoodnight #chestereastside

By timmreardon

PA Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

Today PA AAP staff celebrated the holidays with flannels and flapjacks!

This year, in lieu of a staff gift exchange, we decided to support a local charity! Chester Eastside is a wonderful non-profit in our own Delaware County, PA, that serves local families and children through advocacy, education and social services.

Every year, Chester Eastside hosts a holiday party for the families they serve. They ensure that each child receives a special gift to take home. Our hand-picked gifts will go to children of the amazing families of Chester Eastside!

PA AAP and it’s programs work year around to promote the health and well being of all children across PA. We have built up a wonderful community of local supporters and we are are so honored to be able to give back to them during the holidays!

By timmreardon