Rev. Wilkinson’s 2021 ATHENA Leadership Award

Rev. Z was the woman of the hour Wednesday, as she received the 2021 ATHENA Leadership Award presented by the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce. Her comments centered on the question “Why Am I Here” and she noted:
*The Bible was central in our family, the book that gave us direction for our lives.
*I heard a call to help families, to be part of a community. There is a responsibility that goes with it.
*We are inextricably linked.
*We cannot leave the work unfinished.

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Philabundance CEO, Loree Jones, attended a luncheon where Rev. Zuline Gray Wilkinson, MDiv., MSW was selected to receive the 2021 Athena Leadership Award.

Rev. Wilkinson is the Executive Director of Chester Eastside(a Philabundance agency partner).

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Our Community Garden of Learning

There’s so much to learn every season in the Chester Eastside – St. Paul’s Community Garden. In addition to planting, harvesting and trying different fruits and veggies, the children studied insects, recorded their findings in journals and planted a pollinator garden. #communitygarden #pollinatorgarden #insects #journals #somuchfun #chestereastside

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Our Community Garden Wins Another Award!

Our award-winning community garden has received another accolade. The Chester Eastside – St. Paul’s Community Garden captured third place in the Community Gardens category of the Delaware County Master Gardeners Annual Garden Contest. Way to go! #mastergardener #contest ##thirdplace #waytogo #chestereastside

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Our Community Garden Ranks 5th in PHS Harvest Team Program

Look what garden is ranked fifth in the latest report of the 2,600 community distribution sites registered with the PHS : Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Harvest Team program. The fruits and veggies grown in the Chester Eastside – St. Paul’s Community Garden are distributed through the CEI Food Pantry and for the Garden Club children to take home to their families.
As of Friday, (Sept. 24), we have donated 516 pounds of produce – and we still have potatoes to harvest! #PHS #communitygarden #harvesting #fruits #veggies #foodpantry #gardenclub #chestereastside

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Phoenix After School Club is Back on-site!

They’re back! After more than a year of PM zooming, our Phoenix After School Club is again on-site. It’s so great to hear their voices in the hallways! #afterschoolprogram #onsite #wemissedyou #welcomeback #chestereastside

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Phoenix After School Club

What a beautiful day for the Phoenix After School Club to be outdoors. After working diligently on homework, phonics and math skills, it’s time for kickball, tag and sidewalk chalk. Phoenix After School Club has it all. #outdoors #homework #phonics #mathskills #kickball #tag #sidewalkchalk #chestereastside

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