Penn State Master Gardeners of Delaware County is at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

This week we bring you a Fall Virtual Garden tour featuring local gardens created with with the help of our Master Gardeners of Delaware County!

Here are pictures from the Chester Eastside St. Paul’s community garden, started four years ago. Delaware County Master Gardeners donated vegetable plants and assisted in early planning for the garden. The garden now includes nine raised beds and is cared for by the children involved in Chester Eastside’s after school program and summer camp.

These young gardeners accomplished much – created a thriving strawberry patch; produced vegetables for donation to the Chester Eastside Food Cupboard; created a butterfly habitat; kept student field journals of their learnings; successfully grown vegetables including swiss chard, kale, collards, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, beets, onions, herbs eggplant, tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers and more; and brought fresh produce home to their families!

By timmreardon

Delaware Children’s Museum – Fall Fun

Walking in the leaves is fun, especially when you play games along the way. Thanks, Delaware Children’s Museum,, for the idea. #delawarechildrensmuseum #leaves #leafwalk #wallingfordpres

Delaware Children’s Museum. What a beautiful day for some movement! Take a walk and collect your leaves for our upcoming fall fun activities! As you encounter a leaf of the colors below, do the action assigned. Use our rules, or make up your own!

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Delaware Children’s Museum Project

Pumpkin Spice Playdough! A perfect at-home activity for Grandparent’s Day! Thanks to AARP for the generous support that makes these possible to help make this community a great place for All Ages!

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Boscov’s Friends Helping Friends – October 14th & 15th

Shopping online or in person Wednesday or Thursday (Oct. 14 and 15)? Chester Eastside is one of several area non-profits benefitting from Boscov’s Friends Helping Friends. Get a jump on your Christmas shopping, get a discount and help CEI. #boscovs #friendshelpingfriends #christmasshopping #discount #chestereastside

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Reverend Wilkinson- Swarthmore Guest Speaker

Rev. Z was a guest speaker recently for the Radical Jesus course at
Swarthmore College. The course, taught by CEI friend Mark Wallace, asks who was the real historical Jesus and what is his relevance for us today. No doubt she provided some interesting insight. #swarthmorecollege #radicaljesus #collegecourse #historicaljesus #chestereastside

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Our Community Garden!

Our garden grows spring, summer and fall and the children are still harvesting its bounty. Fresh fruits and veggies are the yummiest! #communitygarden #gardenclub #harvest #fruits #vegetables #yum #chestereastside

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Boscov’s Friends Helping Friends Days

Chester Eastside, Inc. is one of the non-profits that will benefit from Boscov’s Friends Helping Friends Days, to be held Oct. 14-15. Shoppers receive a 20% discount (10% on certain items) and Boscov’s will donate 5% of the total purchase price to your participating non-profit. Start (or complete) your Christmas list in one trip! #boscovs #friendshelpingfriends #discount #christmaslist #chestereastside

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