Food insecurity rises amid the pandemic WHYY Radio Talk

Rev. Zuline will be among the guests this morning (Thurs., April 23) on Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane for Philadelphia’s NPR affiliate, WHYY. She will talk about the increased need for feeding the community in the time of coronavirus and what the situation is like in Delaware County.
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Guests: Zuline Wilkinson, Gerald Davis, Mariana Chilton

Unemployment has skyrocketed under the coronavirus shut-down, leaving many unable to meet their most basic needs. Food pantries across the region have seen an increase in use, where people are lining up for donated food to bring home to their families. Today on the show we’re going to discuss food insecurity in the age of coronavirus – how it’s being handled by local non-profits and by government at all levels. We begin with the leaders of two food banks, ZULINE WILKINSON of Chester Eastside Inc in Delaware County Pennsylvania, and GERALD DAVIS, of TOUCH New Jersey in Camden to hear about what’s happening at their respective operations. Then, we’ll hear from MARIANA CHILTON, director of the Center for Hunger-Free Communities, about what the government is doing to fill the stomachs of its citizens, and the changes made to the SNAP program during the pandemic.
By timmreardon