Organizational History & Background

Founded in 1985, originally as part of the Presbytery of Philadelphia, Chester Eastside Ministries faithfully served the community of Chester at the Third Presbyterian Church until 2012. When the aging facility required a move, we were grateful to be invited to the historic St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on 9th St. Since then, the relationship between St. Paul’s and CE has blossomed and deepened. In 2014, CE changed the nature of its relationship with the Presbytery, striking out on its own by incorporating as a not-for-profit 501c (3) organization. Having successfully navigated this transition, now Chester Eastside, Inc. is eager to grow its services to the community. At the core of the organization is a food service program that provides over 100,000 meals a year to community residents. In addition, we offer various educational programming to adults and children. We are thrilled to have recently inaugurated the Judy Coslett Learning Center, which provides a safe and stimulating space for our growing afterschool program. We are proud of the long history, and even more excited about the burgeoning potential of the constantly evolving environment that is Chester Eastside.