We’re making a difference in Chester, and you can be part of it!

In the last year alone, Chester Eastside, Inc., provided 120,000 healthy and nutritious meals to families and individuals in need, and 775 young people and their families were helped to lead more productive lives.

New this year are:

o A Technology Training Program for high school students, where they not only learn the latest techniques in the digital world  but teach those skills to young children; and

o HiSET, where people who dropped out of school along the way are able to earn that all-important high school diploma; And this is only the beginning.

On the drawing boards are:

o A special program for middle school students, at a critical time in their development, when they’re sorting things out and figuring out what they want to do with their lives; and

o Food Matters!, a food and nutrition program for people needing special diets, to be run in collaboration with Crozer Keystone Health and Immaculata University.

But the thing that makes this work is people like you, who are making a big difference in the lives of Chester folks of all ages through their dollars and hours of volunteer time.

If you’re already giving, many thanks on behalf of the people of Chester. If not, we invite you to join us and become a change agent in Chester.

Rev. Zuline Wilkinson, Executive Director

You may donate online:
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By timmreardon