Chester Eastside Campers Learn the Nuts and Bolts of U.S. Government – News from Chester Eastside, Inc.

Camp Phoenix: Soaring to New Heights

CE Camp 17CHESTER. Knowing how decisions are made in Washington – decisions that have a major
impact on them and their families – was never more important for young people – not just in Chester, but in all parts of the country. And this year the summer campers at Chester Eastside’s Camp Phoenix are getting major lessons in the nuts and bolts of the political process.

As you can see from the delighted expressions on the faces of these Chester young folks,
learning is fun. These picture were taken during a visit by thirty campers and counselors from CEI’s Camp Phoenix to the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

And there is still plenty of time for swimming and other outdoor activities at Camp
Phoenix. That mixture of fun and serious business is something that sets this camp apart from many such programs. The lessons will stay with them for a lifetime – and later as adults, they’re more likely to want to become involved in the political process; maybe even run for office some day. Or at the very least, introduce their kids to the amazing goings on at the Constitution Center.

So they’re not only learning history, they’ll be helping to make it.

By timmreardon