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Rev. Zuline Says…
Walking against hunger

Hunger Walk

Some 30 Chester Eastside, Inc., Board members and volunteers joined hundreds of others from Philadelphia area organizations sponsoring  food pantries and feeding programs  in the Walk Against Hunger at Lincoln Financial Field on April 8. They got a cup of coffee and maybe a pretzel for giving up a Saturday morning, but the real purpose of the event was somebody else’s hunger, not their own.  
Chester Eastside was distinctive, in that its delegation walked around the stadium that the Philadelphia Eagles call home and then outside the perimeter of Lincoln Financial behind a banner that let people know that hunger is a big issue for Chester Eastside. More than a walk in the chilly breezes that felt more like February than April, the Walk Against Hunger netted over $2,000 for Chester Eastside’s Food Center that serves hundreds of people every month.  
The Walk Against Hunger is sponsored each year by the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger, which connects people with food assistance programs and nutrition education; provides resources to a network of food pantries; and educates the public and policymakers about responsible solutions that prevent people from going hungry.  
This was Chester Eastside’s first year to participate. It won’t be its last. And in the meantime, that banner will not  sit rolled up in a dusty corner somewhere. Folks are going to know Chester Eastside is out there working on its mission of meeting human needs, helping people of all ages be all that they can be, and working for a more just society. 
Special thanks goes to Ashley Charles from Swarthmore Presbyterian Church, who organized and provided overall coordination for the effort. Thanks also to Tonya Warren for taking care of coordinating at Chester Eastside. 
Missed the event? That’s O.K., you can still be part of that mission of meeting basic human needs through your donations and volunteer hours. For details, check our website, www,chestereastside.org.

Rev. Zuline Gray Wilkinson,
Executive Director

By timmreardon