A special celebration of all those wonderful folks who make Chester Eastside, Inc., possible – News from Chester Eastside, Inc.

Volunteers, staff, Board members. They are what make Chester Eastside, Inc., a living reality – not to mention the many loyal churches, organizations, foundations, and individuals with their financial support. And on December 10 we had a big “thank you” event, complete with food and carols and just plain fun. It is our special way of bringing the CEI family together each year. As for the thank you part, more than one person has said they get more out of the giving than whatever it is they give us.


Prime example: The Busy Bodies It was just by chance that former CEI Executive Director Rev. Bernice Warren and  a group of retired craftsmen from nearby Ridley Park who call themselves the Busy Bodies learned about each other back in 2005.  They were all volunteering along the Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Though not many miles away, Chester was still sort of foreign territory to the men. But by the time they came back north, a new resource for CEI and a new volunteering opportunity for the Busy Bodies were underway; it’s a bond that continues to this day.


You can still be part of the celebration by making your tax-exempt gift to Chester Eastside, Inc. You can give on line at www.chestereastside.org or send a donation via major credit card or Pay Pal or by designating a contribution to Chester Eastside in your United Way donation (#8253). And if you have already made a gift, many many thanks!


By timmreardon