Chester Eastside, Inc.: Changing lives

“[Chester Eastside, Inc.] exposed me to relationships and opportunities that helped me see beyond my local context…. In middle school, I held my first job helping in the library at [CEI]. Secondly, they allowed me to help others with reading. These opportunities built confidence in me and planted the seeds for my passion to teach and for the arts. Lastly, [CEI] has continued to serve as a resource throughout my vocational journey. I am really proud of and believe in the mission of [CEI], and feel like there is much to learn through their efforts.” 
-Dr. Sarah Farmer, faculty member, Yale Divinity School.

farmer1In this holiday season, as you think about gift giving, you are encouraged to think about a special gift to  Chester Eastside, Inc. It’s one of those gifts that never stops giving, in lives sustained and a better start in life for the next generation and for generations after that. 
Chester Eastside, Inc., P.O. Box 36, Chester, PA 19016, is a 501.c.3 tax-exempt agency. You can give on line at via major credit card, Pay Pal or by designating a contribution to Chester Eastside in your United Way donation (#8253). 
And if you have already made such a gift, many, many thanks!

By timmreardon