Huge Thanksgiving bounty from the County to benefit Chester Eastside’s people – News from Chester Eastside, Inc.


It was a massive undertaking by anybody’s measure: Getting thousands of pounds of food stored away at Chester Eastside and distributing the remainder to other food cupboards in the Chester community. But when the Delaware County Council designated Chester Eastside as the main delivery point for its annual Thanksgiving Food Drive this year, they picked a center who’s staff and volunteers are known for taking on a big job and doing it with style. 
The annual drive’s goal of 25,000 pounds of nonperishables  was ambitious, to say the least. That will go a long way to helping the more than 600 men women, and children who receive food aid from Chester Eastside every month. 
Open two days a week, Chester Eastside’s Food Center is one of the busiest such programs in the County. But it’s not just bags of food that people receive. It’s also a hot meal, useful information on a range of services, and, most of all, a warm welcome that says, “You matter.” 

By timmreardon