Weekly Update from Chester Eastside, Wednesday, June 11

Weekly Update from Chester Eastside, Wednesday, June 11

Partnering with parents and a school district.

Parents First is Chester Eastside’s workshop series for parents of children in the early grades in 2014, Parents First will be a joint venture between Chester Eastside and the Chester Upland School District.  Its mission: giving parents the tools to assure their children’s success in school.

What Parents First is all about.

It’s as simple as ABC. A, education is recognized as the key to a child’s making it in the world as an adult, especially children growing up in Chester. B, the earliest years are critical to what happens in the rest of a child’s school career and beyond. And C, parents are a child’s first and in many ways most important teacher.

It works this way: Twenty or so parents of children in grades pre-kindergarten through three attend ten weekly workshops led by experienced educators They cover everything from convincing parents that their children can really succeed in school if they get the right kind of support at home to showing them how to get the most out of regular contact with the classroom teacher. Meanwhile, their children engage in activities designed to complement what the parents are getting. Again, it’s experienced educators doing the teaching. Ten weeks is not a very long time, but we have found Parents First to get results that were still evident months after the end of the series. Parents spending more time reading with their children, having higher expectations yet more positive feelings about them, and becoming more involved with the teacher. Children doing better in school, both in terms of academic performance and things like attendance and classroom behavior.

Teaming up with the school district is a big plus for everybody.

The Chester Upland School District will be helpful in reaching out to parents. We’ll be working with teachers and supporting their efforts. The partnership will also make it easier to measure the results of our joint efforts.  The partnership is thus a big win-win for Chester Eastside and for the Chester Upland School District – but most of all, for those parents and children.

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  1. and I had a lovely day out at Chester Zoo a clupoe of weekends ago. I wrote about the Butterfly House there, and I have a draft post about the whole visit that I keep meaning to


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