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Big History Unit 3 Screenshot

What can a star tell us about the ways early humans lived? Or about our lives today? What happens when students incorporate chemistry, social sciences, biology, and other disciplines into their thinking about their lives and the future?
Thousands of middle school and high school teachers are teaching Big 

History. Register now to explore the course and find out why.
Not an educator?
Check out our public course — a four-to-six hour tour of Big History. It’s a great option for parents and lifelong learners who want to study Big History.

What is Big History?

13.8 billion years of history told through engaging videos, animations, articles, and classroom activities targeting middle and high school students
  • Flexible and adaptable — the course can be delivered over a full year or just a semester, depending on your school’s needs.
  • Everything is online — materials are up to date, always available, and easy to download and print.
  • Easy to customize — use teacher-generated lessons or explore and create your own using a comprehensive library of custom designed content.
  • Built to hit Common Core ELA standards — constructed to adhere to Common Core ELA standards, emphasizing inquiry, analysis, and argument over content knowledge.
  • Integrates professional development — online instructional guides, detailed lesson plans, training sessions, and videos—available online, anytime anywhere. Plus monthly online sessions to go deeper on core topics.
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